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Country detection (javascript?)

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asked Aug 3, 2018 in Sales by KasperC (5 points)

If the landing page could detect the country from where the viewer is located and ask if they should be redirected to the German page if located in Germany for instance, it would help boost sales to different countries using different languages.

Apple use this function. If you type from Denmark, you will be asked if you want to go the Danish site. If you type you are directed to the Danish site.

Without this function, a German- or French-speaking person will first see a Danish or English site, and would then have to find their own native language somewhere on the page in a language they don't understand.

For sales to markets that don't understand Danish or English, this function is of vital importance. German websites have this as standard you are as a Dane automatically directed to a Danish version of their site and they are taking over a large part of sales to Denmark. We have to be as professional as them for us to compete with them.

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